Lofoten Islands - July 2-5, 2018

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Loading the ferry
Moskenesøy (Lofoten Archipelago)
Støvla (mountain)
E10 highway over Djup Fjord
Eggum Beach trail
Eggum Beach (looking west)
Eggum Beach (looking east)
Oyster Catcher
Heimredals Lake and Jellvollstinden (mountains)
Heimredals Lake and Jellvollstinden (mountains)
Eggum radar station (German WW2)
Steins Fjord and Himmeltindan (mountains)
Arctic surfing
Nesting gulls
Trail up Røren (mountain)
Sandbotnen (sandy bottom) Bay
Øvervalle (town) and Volandstinden (mountain)
Innersand farms
Trail down Ytresandheia
Sandbotnen Bay and Flakstadøy mountains
Trail to Nonstinden
Ballstad from Nonstinden
Lofoten Islands
Ballstad Island from Nonstinden
Trail to Nonstinden
Our guide, Roland
View from Nonstinden
Hattvika Lodge
Flakstadøy Island

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