San Francisco - September 1, 2007

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Waterfront and Bay Bridge
Waterfront railroad
S. F. Fireboat "Phoenix"
San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge
"Cupid's Span" at Rincon Park
Eroded pilings
Coat of Flippers
Welded Women silhouette
PG&E Building
Bank of America Building
Grant Avenue at Sacramento
Waverly Place at Clay
Clay Street toward the Transamerica Building
Ross Alley
Jackson Street at Grant
Jackson Street buildings
Flowers for sale
Jackson Street at Powell cable car tracks
Winding wheels at the cable car barn
Sacramento Street view of the Bay
"Fountain of the Tortoises" at Huntington Park
The Ghiberti Doors, Grace Cathedral
Dragon Parade
Dragon Parade
Dragon Parade
Dragon Parade
Dragon Parade
San Francisco Walk Topo Map
San Francisco Walk Profile